Python Documentation

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(The FAQ is no longer here; try the Python FAQ wizard, or
the static copy.)

Standard Manuals

The current version is always available in the directory "current".

Typeset versions of the documents are available for both A4 and US-Letter
paper.  Most formats are available in both Unix gzipped tar archives and
ZIP archives.

Specific versions of the manuals are available in directories named
by the version number.

Contributed Documentation

(There is a lot more contributed Python-related documentation around
the net.  See

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  the collection of links to contributed docs</A> for pointers.)

quick-ref.1.3.html	Quick reference by Chris Hoffmann

X-extension.README	X-windows Python extensions install instructions	... info files
X-extension.html.tar.gz ... html files	... documentation postscript rendering

life-preserver-html.tar.gz	HTML version of fundamental tkinter overview.	Older postscript version of same overview.
life-preserver-examples.tar.gz	Example programs for the above

(You can also find the html version of the tkinter doc online, at

     <A HREF="">
     The Tkinter "life-preserver"</A>.)

Usenix VHLL Symposium Material
------------------------------		Overview of Python	Additional slides (examples)

Dutch UNIX Users Group Material

(older version of Usenix VHLL Symposium Material)			Paper written for the dutch UNIX users group			Presentation for the dutch UNIX users group

Papers on Python by Others
--------------------------			Paper by Peter Bosch (VU Amsterdam)
				"Inheritance vs. Delegation"			B.Sc. thesis of Steve Miale (U of Virginia)
				on extending Python

arw_python_intro_slides.ppt	100 Power Point slides about - Python
				basics in around 5 hours.  From Aaron Watters.